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25 African American Artists You Should Know (online)

October 20 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Are there artists that you may have heard of, but you can’t remember exactly what their work looks like? Do you know little, or next to nothing about African American artists’ role in history or even why they are important?  This class is the first in a series of four classes that will review the work and lives of 100 African American artists from four periods in history:

  • The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century;
  • Harlem Renaissance and the WPA period;
  • Early Contemporary from 1950, which includes Post-Modernism and the Black Art Movement; and
  • Contemporary since 1980.

While these artists may not be familiar names they are widely collected by museums and major private collectors. During this session we will learn how to tie the names to the art and recognize the style of their art, important characteristics of their art practices and major influences on their art.

CLASS LINK: A few days prior to class, you receive a link to access the class. Simply click the link on the days and time of class.

This class was organized by Minneapolis Community Education and is in partnership with various Community Education programs across the Twin Cities.

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