Dim Sum Dumpling Dynasty: Pot Stickers & Dipping Sauce (ONLINE)

Dim Sum refers to a Chinese or Cantonese meal consisting of numerous small appetizers or finger foods traditionally enjoyed in restaurants. It is considered a shared dining and social experience that can last for hours. Dim Sum often includes some sort of dumpling, and one of the most popular dumpling options is Pot Stickers!  Join Tess for one of her newest classes as she guides you through the step-by-step process of creating the most wonderful pot stickers with homemade wrappers that will take you to culinary heights you never knew you could reach. A wonderful dipping sauce will also be created! Participants will have the option of making a pork-based filling or a chicken-based filling as well as learning how to make homemade wrappers, but of course store bought can be used as well. Freezing tips will also be shared.

Participants will receive:

  • Prior to class: an ingredient list and preparation instructions, with enough time for shopping and preparation.
  • After class: you will receive a recipe packet with the instructor’s recipes shared in class.

Have your questions answered by the instructor, interact with other participants, and increase your confidence in the kitchen with each skill that is learned, and each little bit of advice and instruction that is shared.

Added Bonus: The instructor has created a private group and a public group on Facebook for participants of her cooking classes. Everyone will receive an invite to the groups although joining is optional.

IMPORTANT: One registration fee for this online virtual interactive class can include immediate family members living full-time in the same home only. The instructor would also like to remind folks that if children/youth are participating they must be supervised.