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Skills for Bridging the Divide

May 3 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

In our current polarized political environment, many people avoid or dread political conversations with friends or family members whose politics differ from their own. They worry, rightly so, that any attempts at discussions about topics such as climate change, racial inequities, gun control, or immigration will devolve into arguments and acrimony, and result in hurt feelings or anger.

Braver Angels’ Skills for Bridging the Divide Workshop teaches skills for having respectful conversations that clarify differences, search for common ground, and affirm the importance of the relationship. They also give participants a safe environment to practice those skills.

Anyone interested in having better conversations with people on the other side of the political aisle is encouraged to attend this FREE  2-hour workshop. To help you maximize your skills development during the workshop, participants need to watch a 30-minute E-Learning video prior to this event.  You will receive a link to the E-Learning component when you register.

Improve skills for listening to others and expressing your own views, leading to more productive conversations with people who have different points of view from your own.

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White Bear Lake Area Schools District Center Board Room 112


Rotary Club of White Bear Lake
Rotary Club of White Bear Lake